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About Us

Fox Hop Jewelry LLC.  since our first day in business we’ve been bringing the best selection of gemstones and jewelry to our customers. Our name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire world. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic gemstone cutting along with gems and made jewelry that fit your budget.


AGTA spectrum awards winner

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20540 Hwy 46 W

Ste 115-467

Spring Branch, TX



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Online Faceting Classes

The Class for 2024 is currently full!

Want to sit in the comfort of your home and learn to facet gemstones?


The full class is a 40 week program that is designed to take you from a beginner to a master faceter!

Practice required!

Here is a bit of what we will be covering

Pre Faceting Setup, Organization and Equipment Needed

Overview of Different Faceting Styles; Their Purpose, and Results

Rough Orientation and Preforming

Polishing Solutions for Almost Every Gemstone

Gemstone Dopping Intro

Gemstone Transfer

Gemstone Re-Dopping Tricks and Theories

Introduction to Hybrid Cutting (Cutting precision without a diagram)

Language of Hybrid Cutting and Method of Note Taking

Analyzing and Understanding of All Gemstone Designs

Math of Hybrid Cutting

Sight Training of Meet Points and Symmetry

Symmetry Concepts of Hybrid Cutting

The Cutting of a Emerald Cut

The Cutting of a Trillion

The Cutting of a Square

The Cutting of a Round

The Cutting of a Pear

The Cutting of a Marquis

The Cutting of a Oval Part A

The Cutting of a Oval Part B

The Cutting of a Mix Cut

The Cutting of a Split Main Crown

Cutting of a Free Form

Cutting Larger Stones Tricks and Tips

Cutting Small Stones Tricks and Tips

Cutting Matching Pairs Easily

Calibration Cutting

Cutting Hard stones Tricks and Tips

Cutting soft stones Tricks and Tips

Saving Weight Tips and Increasing Speed

Transitioning From Hobby Cutter to Professional

Learning to Create Your Own Designs On the Fly

Organization of Commission Work

Recuts Intro

Recut Crown

Recut Pavilion Part A

Recut Pavilion Part B

Recut Pavilion Part C

Recut Changing a Gemstone Shape

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